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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Do your dungeoneering now.

Doing solo dungeons on complexity six in the icy floors allows me to rampage through the dungeon, killing monsters with one or two hits with promethium two handed sword. Previous to EOC, monsters took longer to kill. Although most monsters (with ice trolls being the exception, at over 1,000 XP) only grant about 50-100 XP, they add to higher amounts of dungeoneering XP in the same time as before EOC.

A 5:5 occult large floor 45 did not offer as many easy monsters, but combat XP was only awarded to the player who received the kill. This renders multiplayer dungeons worse for combat XP post-EOC but they are completed faster and grant larger amounts of dungeoneering experience as players can do kabde (kill all but dead end) a lot faster than before.

Friday, September 28, 2012

RuneScape Stolen Hearts quest guide

The guide for the RuneScape stolen hearts quest is online, in five parts, with accompanying slideshows. It can be viewed here.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Diamond in the Rough quest

Diamond in the rough quest is the members' only sequel to Stolen Hearts and coverage will be forthcoming.

Stolen Hearts quest

Stolen Hearts quest is a new beginner quest in Lumbridge and Al Kharid that is available in F2P. More info is forthcoming, as this is the first quest I am covering.

Botany Bay released to RuneScape

RuneScape has released Botany Bay to the game. Botany Bay, of all the updates for September, was the most hyped up update by Jagex. Hence, the odds of it falling short of the hype like Mobilising armies, clan citadels, charm sprite hunting, and Giant Chinchompas.

Anyhow, I will have more info shortly, but I have a F2P quest I have to first provide coverage for.

RuneScape challenge system a wealth of free experience

RuneScape has introduced the challenge system. Daily challenges provide free experience through multiple ways. RuneScape players can have up to five challenges "stored" before the oldest one expires. Although a daily challenge says "X days left," it can be held for weeks or months provided that newer challenges are done consistently so it doesn't get bumped off.

RuneScape players can complete many challenges just through simple routine tasks; be it killing bosses, slaying, dungeoneering, or skilling. Some tasks are simple; farm tasks require planting a random herb seed. Summoning tasks require taking a load to the obelisk. These tasks can be done swiftly to prevent tasks eing bumped.

When the task is complete, speak to the imperial guard for the bonus experience reward. Experience varies, from about 2k to 60k; some players report over 150k xp but that is rare. RuneScape players also get a crack at the squeal of fortune. This often rewards the RuneScape player with a lamp or a skill pendant.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

RuneScape Examiner announces writing opportunity

I have been writing for a website, Examiner; for three years. During that time, I have amassed over 3,000,000 page views, becoming one of their best writers. Now, I am able to share this opportunity with you.

Do you enjoy writing and desire or already write as a hobby? Do you already write for free? If so, then the opportunity to earn while writing is just the thing for you!

Do you have extra time on the computer tat you don't know what to do with, like at work? Do you wish you could be more productive in that time? Or do you desire to develop another income stream? If so, then writing for examiner is what you are looking for.

Are you passionate about a hobby such as gardening or mechanics? Are you involved in your local community or scene? Is covering events or reviewing local businesses something you would be interested in? If so, then this is the ideal outlet for your energy.

To make a long story short, all perspective writers have to apply for a position and hopefully be accepted. I will include my referral link, in order that you be recommended by me.

Earnings are based on performance. Therefore, there is no cap on potential, but no guarantees.

My link is Be sure to use this link when signing up, to get in under my umbrella.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Morytania hard and elite tasks guide

RuneScape players gain increased rewards and substantial experience lamps from completing the difficult task lists of morytania. Visit the morytania hard tasks guide to start out, then follow its link to the elite guide.

The elite tasks reward is the reason Morchella mushrooms crashed on the grand exchange.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Morytania medium tasks walkthrough!

RuneScape players will want to complete the morytania medium tasks and obtain greater rewards including having the mushroom patch become disease free! See the Morytania medium tasks guide and view its slideshow for more information.

Tip: Using Amulet of farming makes watching the mushroom patch easier.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Morytania easy tasks guide!

New tasks have been released to Morytania! The easy set can be undertaken by most players, and gives convenient rewards. To learn more, visit Morytania easy tasks walkthrough and view its slideshow.

With the release of the tasks, priest in peril quest was no longer required to cross over into the eastern lands.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Guide to gathering raw rabbit in Isadfar using Deadliest Catch deposit box.

In RuneScape, raw rabbit is in demand as it is used for summoning. RuneScape players can kill rabbits quickly in Isadfar and bank them using the bank deposit box. See the Isadfar rabbit guide and its attached slideshow for more info.

Depending on the market, this can be very profitable. Combat and prayer experience may also be gained.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Catching kebbits post Deadliest Catch quest using bank box

RuneScape players gain a bank deposit box in the Piscatoris hunting area. See guide to catching common kebbits with slideshow and guide to catching razorback kebbits with slideshow.

This bank may be used for any hunter or other banking need.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Deadliest Catch reward, bank boxes. The locations.

Locations and uses of the eight bank deposit boxes from deadliest catch quest. RuneScape players will find them very useful in resource gathering.

See the Deadliest Catch bank boxes article and view its slideshow for a full tour of these useful bank boxes!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Deadliest Catch quest rewards

Let's look at the rewards for deadliest catch. Deadliest catch is possibly the most rewarding quest of 2011, definitely the most rewarding in proportion as ritual of the mahjarrat and branches of darkmeyer were way harder.

See the Deadliest Catch quest rewards page for a full list of the rewards.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

RuneScape Deadliest Catch quest guide

Deadliest Catch quest is perhaps one of the biggest steals in the game. The June 2012 release is of moderate duration and its primary difficulty consists in its prerequisite levels needed.

RuneScape players can visit the Deadliest Catch quest main page and follow the links to the appropriate quest guide pages to do this quest. Players are rewarded by dismissing "the Guns' from lifting that log.

In all seriousness there are a lot more rewards than that.

Friday, April 20, 2012

RuneScape Clockwork Syringe quest guide

Clockwork Syringe quest followed up the pirate quest storyline, and it added a better stab weapon to the game as a reward and rare drop from monsters accessible post-quest. RuneScape players who want to do this quest can refer to the Clockwork syringe quest guide and follow the appropriate links in order to complete this quest.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Elemental workshop IV guides

Elemental Workshop IV quest introduced chaos and cosmic armor, and was easier to solve than its predecessor. Nonetheless, it packed a bunch of puzzles that RuneScape players had to solve.

The Elemental Workshop IV quest walkthrough with attached slideshow will make solving these puzzles easy, and will provide links to each part.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Doric's quest: Simple opportunity to gain fast, easy mining experience

Doric's quest consists of basically bringing a dwarf some items. For doing this, the RuneScape player receives mining experience as a reward. For RuneScape players starting out, this can boost them over the slow low levels.

See the Doric's quest guide and attached slideshow wakthrough to uncover the secret of completing this quest fast.

Wicked hood provides daily opportunity for fast, but limited runecrafting

RuneScape has added an item that can be used daily to aid RuneScape players in training runecrafting. The wicked hood provides limited but useful resources which make runecrafting much easier, but only in limited amounts.

See the wicked hood guide and attached slideshow for how to maximize the wicked hood and use it.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Potion flasks: High level daily activity for mining, crafting, and profit

RuneScape has added a new daily activity to the game, red sandstone for flasks.

Red sandstone can be mined in limited amounts daily for good mining experience. It may be crafted into flasks for good profitable crafting experience. The flasks may be sold or used for an advantage in combat.

See the RuneScape red sandstone and flask guide and attached slideshow for requirements, experience rates, and rewards from making flasks. Please note that prices have stabilized since the first day, making those profits unlikely,

Monday, April 16, 2012

How to use clan vexillum to access mines faster; useful in F2P!

At the cost of a single inventory slot, F2P RuneScape players can use what is perhaps the least thought mining aid; a clan vexillum!

Although a clan vexillum doesn't mine the ore itself, see the using clan vexillum to aid mining article and slideshow to learn how it can be useful.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

RuneScape Livid Farm overview

Livid farm... perhaps one of the worst grinds in the game? However, it does unlock some good abilities. Released early 2011, it is either forgotten or memorized by RuneScape players. Some completed it, some avoid it, and some chip at it.

See the livid farm required levels article and slideshow, and the livid farm tasks article and slideshow, for a review of livid farm.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fellstalk, morchella, and prayer renewal overview

Who knew morchella would become one of the most profitable ways of farming? Now fellstalk has become the best way to train farming during herb runs due to the higher experience. Prayer renewal has increased the amount of prayer restoration that can be taken, provided the RuneScape player anticipates his prayer drain and drinks before the need is urgent.

See the Fellstalk, morchella, and prayer renewal overview article and its attached slideshow for a summary of this update, complete with an error in the old knowledgebase on the day of release.

Friday, April 13, 2012

RuneScape money making, buying eyes of newt from shops

RuneScape players can buy packs of eye of newt from some shops in RuneScape, effectively buying hundreds of items with one click. This has allowed the price of eyes of newt to remain low, so this method is primarily best for raising some fast cash when low on money to spend.

See the Eye of newt locations and buying article and its attached slideshow, then use the in game price checker to determine current profits.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Guide to five minute herb patch rush

RuneScape players can harvest five (or even six, including the patch in karamja) herb patches during a single dose of juju farming potion. This is advantageous for conserving juju potion, especially if obtaining it is distasteful.

See the five minute herb rush guide for an article and attached slideshow detailing how to go about a five minute herb run.